Perfection Is In The Details
1.What is Detailing?   Detailing takes on many definitions depending on whom you ask. In a nutshell, for me detailing means reconditioning each aspect of the vehicle inside and out to a better then new condition.  

2.What is Paint Correction?   Paint correction is a specialized, multi step, precision machine polishing process, which microscopically removes fine scratches and abrasions leaving behind a flawless, pure, beautiful paint finish.

3.Can a Deep Scratch be Removed?   A general rule of thumb is if you can feel the scratch with your fingernail then it is too deep to be completely removed. However compounding and polishing the damaged area can reduce and minimize the scratch causing it to be less noticeable.  

4.What is Two Bucket Washing?   Two bucket washing is a specialized washing technique that traps and isolated the dirt particles in one bucket so they do not drag across the finish causing micro scratches known as swirls.  

5.What are Swirls?   What are commonly referred to as “swirls” or “spider webbing” are in fact micro scratches in the paint finish typically caused by improper washing and drying techniques as well as routine dust offs and wipe downs. Over time these micro scratches accumulate causing a spider web/swirl effect more easily seen in direct sun light.

6.What is a Clay Bar?   The clay bar is specialized polymer abrasive clay designed to shear off and lift out contamination that has become bonded to the surface. Claying will not remove scratches.

7.What is the Difference Between a Wax and a Sealant?   A traditional wax is a natural product developed typically from carnauba as well as bees wax blended with many other oils and ingredients to make it applicable for protecting your paint finish. Sealants are man made synthetic products typically using polymer, acrylic or water-based resins designed for long lasting paint protection.

8.Do I Really Need to Wax the Clear Coat?   Yes, imagine your skin gets sun burned and eventually peels away. Waxing and protecting the finish is like putting on sun block lotion to keep it from burning more severely or quickly. The clear coat does some protecting of the color coat to a certain point but harmful UV rays will still penetrate and deteriorate and eventually break down the clear coat. Waxing and protecting the clear coat will provide a slight but significant barrier between environmental fall out and the sun’s UV rays allowing it to remain healthier longer. 

9.How Often Should I Wax my Vehicle?   This depends on how often you drive it as well as what type of protection you put on it. Generally on a daily driven vehicle if using a good Carnauba wax product I would re-wax it about every 5-7 weeks. If protecting the finish with a good synthetic sealant product I would re-seal it about every 3-4 months. On vehicles that are rarely driven and garage kept I would reapply every 6 months.

10.What Product Do You Use?   I use what I feel are the best of what each brand seems to specialize in. For example some brands seem to excel at making longer lasting durable paint protection products while other brands are by far better when it comes to manufacturing the best compounds and polishes. Therefore I carry many different products and honestly just too many too list. The majority of the products I use are water based and have no petroleum's in them.

11.Can the Paint Texture be Removed?   Yes. Only with wet sanding (color sanding) can the texture be re-leveled and flattened enough to remove the “orange peel” effect leaving a more mirror like quality to the finish.  

12.How Long Will it Take to Detail my Vehicle?   Typically a simple decontamination of the paint surface, protection applied, rims, tires cleaned, the full interior dusted, vacuumed, cleaned and conditioned and all the little things in between takes roughly 4-5 hours for smaller vehicles. If I perform extensive paintwork reconditioning it could easily take 14-16 hours. Concourse level detailing is generally estimated starting at 30+ hours.

13.Do I Come to You or You to Me?   I am a mobile detailer so I can come to you or if due to your work schedule and or location it is easier for you to drop the vehicle off with me and pick it back up that is also fine. However if I am performing a lengthy full correction on the paint I prefer to have the vehicle at my location for a few days.

Frequently Asked Questions
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