Top 10 Detailers in America

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AutoWeek Magazine

Josh Ottmann's award winning, car perfecting skills have earned him a reputation of excellence for consistently performing on a superior level of quality, which is one reason why Auto Week Magazine has nationally recognized Josh as one of the Top Detailers in the country in the 2009, February edition.

These Guys Turn
Cars into Stars

by  Jonathan Wong

Properly maintaining your car's appearance is more than a simple wash an wax every so often, as we learned from Darren Buell and Barry Meguiar (see page 26).  It's an in-depth and time-consuming process mastered over time.  If you're more comfortable leaving it to a pro, there are some great services out there.  Here, we profile three of the best and list six other top detailers from across the country.  

Joshua Ottmann
​     An engagement ring turned Joshua Ottmann's auto-detailing hobby into a business.  To save up money for the ring, he detailed cars on the side and became aware of the demand for proper car-care services.
     "The list of cars grew larger and larger until this became my full-time passion," he says.
     Credit Ottmann's 2002 Chevrolet Corvette for his extensive detailing knowledge: "When I purchased my Corvette, I realized I had to take my detailing to a new level. I learned about two-bucket washing and clay-barring and ultimately bought a random orbital buffer to properly care for my Corvette."
     After 4 years on the job in Grand Prairie, Texas, Ottmann remains enthusiastic about his work: "I don't detail for the money, I do it because I love cars."