All prices are subject to change and  based upon vehicle size. 
Heavily soiled vehicles will have addional charges.


Add On

  1. Headlight Restoration

Engine Bay Detailing
    Engine Bay Detailing
    Engine Bay Detailing
  3. Carpet Shampoo
  4. Undercarriage Cleaning
  5. Badge Removal
  1. Ceramic Coatings
    This is a specialized ceramic coating that will last up to 5 years. This process can only be performed in the shop after either the decontamination or paint correction processes are performed. The coating is $500 on top of the cost of the detailing and preparation process typically costing a total of $800-$1000.
  2. Decontamination Process
    Typically a 4-5 hour process including full interior detailing and conditioning, then the exterior treated with the clay bar to remove bonded contamination and paint sealant applied for protection. Recommended for first time vehicles. Additional charges based on vehicle size.
  3. Paint Correction 1 Step
    Typically a 6-10 hour 1-step polishing process. This is the decontamination process with an additional machine polishing step to remove oxidation, haze and 50% or more of the swirls restoring depth, color and wetness to the finish. Recommended for all vehicles.
  4. Paint Correction 100% Multi Step
    ​Typically a 18-25 hour process at $75 per hour. This is a multi step polishing process designed to remove 95-99% of swirls, flaws and blemishes in the paint finish. This is a concourse level polishing process and is recommended for show cars.
    $75 per hour
  5. Mini Detail
    Typically a 2.5-3 hour process meant as an extreme cleaning of the interior and exterior with the focus on weekly and bi-weekly clients who want their vehicles always looking fresh. Must have 2 vehicles per visit. Additional charges based on vehicle size.
  6. Full Interior
    Typically a 1.5-3 hour process starting with a very thorough dusting and vacuuming of everything, then wiping clean all panels, seats and other parts, then leather conditioning. All products are water based and will NOT leave any slick shiny surfaces. 2 door, 2 seats $100, 4 door, 4 seats $150. SUV's and over sized vehicles $200+

Optional Services

Paint Protection Film

Invisibra has joined forces with Ottmann Detailing to provide the best PPF services for our clients.  Whether you need the whole car protected or just the front end and mirrors we can now take care of it all. 

Wheel Coatings

Ottmann Detailing is now offering ceramic coating for the paint and the rims and brakes as well.  This will allow for much easier cleaning and maintanance as well as protect the finish on the rims for years to come.

Window Tint

Paintless Dent Repair

Keep the sun out of your eyes and the inside temps of your vehicle cooler. We provide an on-site window tint installer by appointment only. 
Are pesky door dings ruining the look of your favorite ride.  We will get them removed for you with our PDR services.  By appointment only.

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