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Paint Decontamination  

  Typically a 5-hour process. This includes full interior detailing and conditioning and paint treated with the clay bar to remove bonded contamination and applying a paint sealant for protection of the paint. Recommended for first time vehicles and every 6 months on all vehicles. Additional $25 per 4 door vehicles, $75 per SUV.
Stage 1 Polishing

  Typically a 7-10 hour process. This is Process #1 with an additional machine polishing step to remove oxidation, haze and 50% or more of the micro scratches/swirls restoring depth, color and wetness to the finish. Recommended for all vehicles. Additional $50 per 4 door cars, $100 per SUV.
New Vehicle Delivery 

 Typically a 6-hour process laying a proper foundation inside and out for a new vehicle. You’re new vehicle will be perfectly prepped, UV protected, paint meticulous inspected correcting any factory flaws and blemishes. (Additional charges for paint correction). Recommended for foreign vehicles. Additional $25 per 4 door vehicles, $75 per SUV.
Mini Detail  

Typically a 2.5-hour process meant as an extreme cleaning of the interior and exterior with the focus on weekly and bi-weekly clients who want their vehicles always looking fresh. Must have 2 vehicles per visit. Additional $25 per 4 door vehicles and $50 per SUV.
Full Paint Correction
  $75 per hour

Typically a 14-20 hour process. This includes a multi step, Machine Polishing Process, removing all oxidation, haze, swirls and blemishes in the paint finish. Literally the paint will be better then new when completed. Recommended if you must have the absolutely pinnacle of detailing and your vehicle’s finish in showroom condition.

  • Engine Bay Detailing 

  • Interior Shampooing 

  • Wheel Removal Detailing 

  • Under Carriage Detailing 

  • Badge and Decal Removal

  • Concourse Level Detailing

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